Manuscript Submission

International Journal of Business and Economic affairs (IJBEA) publishes articles related to business and economic analysis. Articles can cover a wide range of topics related to business and economics in different industries, sectors, specialization and geographic locations.
In order to facilitate processing of submissions, please make sure that:

  • Manuscript submitted to IJBEA should not be under consideration of any other journal.
  • Manuscript should be submitted in Microsoft word format. PDF, latex files or any other format will not be accepted.
  • Manuscript needs to prepared according to IJBEA guidelines.
  • Graphics and mathematical expression are welcome.
  • Ensure uniform lettering and sizing of original artwork.
  • Illustrations must be numbered according to the sequence.
  • All papers submitted to IJBEA are peer reviewed. Review reports are sent to author.

Author need to prepare revise paper for further process as suggested in review reports and send back revised paper within time frame given by the editor.

Peer-Review Process

IJBEA follow blind peer-review process. Manuscript received will firstly be evaluated by the editor for initial screening (like plagiarism and reference evaluation etc.). In case editor found no such issue in the submitted manuscript then it will be sent to reviewers. Manuscripts are generally reviewed by two reviewers with the aim of reaching a decision as soon as possible. After analysis, reviewers give their comments about the quality of writing and significance of research work etc.

Based on reviewer’s comment manuscript are either rejected or accepted with minor changes. The ultimate responsibility for editorial decisions lies with the Editor-in-Chief.

Once a manuscript is accepted it is further processed for publication. Accepted manuscripts are published in IJBEA on the basis of pre-determined schedule. After copy editing and proofreading articles will be appear online on IJBEA website.