Q 1.What is Open Access Publishing?

Answer: Open Access Publication mean that any individual can freely access the literature using internet throughout the world.

Q 2.Why should we publish with IJBEA?

Answer: IJBEA thrives to support authentic research work, theoretical development, spreading awareness of fundamental social process, and different innovationsintroduced from time to time in theSubjectunder concern. In addition, IJBEA is peer-reviewed and its publication is executed bi-monthly. Researchers are welcome to present their researches on any aspect of social sciences and humanities, among which new and unique efforts will be highly appreciated. IJBEA releases special issues as well under the domain of humanities and social sciences.

Q 3. What is meant by Peer Review?

Answer: In order to ensure quality standards of research IJBEA peer review is employed. Journal peer review policy is clearly mentioned in submission guidelines. It’s editor responsibility to ensure peer review process.

Q 4.What is the procedure to submit article in IJBEA?

Answer: You can go to submit online tab at home page and can submit your article online. You can view the Author Guidelines and link to the online submission website.

Q 5. What are the Manuscript Submission Guidelines of the journal?

Answer:Journal guidelines are available under guideline tab at Homepage where you can view the guidelines for authors as well as how to make a submission.

Q 6.How to get hard copy of journal?

Answer: If you want hard copy of journal email us at subscribe@IJBEA.com

Q 7.Where can I get help with English-language editing?

Answer:If you are not a native English speaker, we strongly recommend that you have your manuscript professionally edited before submission. Please go to Author Services - English Language Editing for the list of companies that can edit your manuscript for a fee. Professional editing is not compulsory, but it does mean that reviewers are better able to read and assess your manuscript.

Q 8. How do we cite an open access article?

Answer: Every article of IJBEA is cite able using the date of manuscript publication and Digital Object Identifier (DOI). DOI provide support in recognizing each article that is published online. Articles DOI are registered with CorssRef.