Guidelines for Reviewers
  • Reviewers are not allowed personal criticism on author.
  • Reviewers comment should be unbiased. Research work should be judged based on content instead of race, gender, nationality etc. Reviewer should provide comprehend and substantial review report.
  • Reviewers should keep review process confidential. Information regarding peer review process should not be share with any third party.
  • Reviewers are bound to evaluate all citations included in research work. Also, reviewer must inform editor in case if there exist significant similarity between submitted manuscript and already published work.
Guidelines for Authors

Authors should guarantee that the work is original and does invade the rights of any other person or entity.

  • All authors of the research work are equally accountable for the content presented in the document. It is the responsibility of corresponding author to ensure that all author mentioned in research work give their consent for publication.
  • Authors should provide access to data sets mentioned in the research work.
  • Authors should not submit same manuscript in more than one journal at a time, also they should not submit already published work either in part or whole.
  • Authors should declare potential conflict of interest (either professional of financial) related to research article. Also, authors should reveal all sources of funding for the research work.
  • Authors should provide all formal documented ethical approval form from concerned ethics committee.
  • Authors should cite all relevant sources utilized to gather information for their research work.
Guidelines for Editors
  • Editor’s consideration about submitted manuscript should be unbiased. Editor is bound to keep peer review process confidential. Information regarding manuscript or author should not disclose to any third party.
  • Editors should develop and follow consistent criteria in their peer review processes.
  • Editor should put their best effort to evaluate manuscript timely and effectively.
  • It the responsibility of editor to properly investigate claim about manuscript (under consideration) submission to more than one journal or already published work.
  • If article in inappropriate or does not match with the scope of journal then editor has right to reject manuscript without forwarding it to peer review process.
  • Editors ought to plan to guarantee timely review process and publication and ought to stay away from superfluous postponements. Editors ought to consider how best to impart data to author about any deferrals that happen. Online publication can give the quickest course to distribution and, therefore, to setting peer inspected research (and other) data in public domain.
  • The utilization of unpublished research work must took after by the written consent of the original author.